Fantastic Stacked Jewelry Ideas For Cool Women38
Fantastic Stacked Jewelry Ideas For Cool Women38

40 Fantastic Stacked Jewelry Ideas For Cool Women

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When the season changes, so does the style in terms of fashion and jewelry. It is similar to the way the colours of fashion items change. In the winter, people like to wear darker colours, or darker shades, and in the summer, people wear bright colours.

It is the same with jewelry. This is mainly, people wear certain items of jewelry to match their outfits. So, they would be less likely to wear pearls with a dark outfit, and more likely to wear lighter jewelry with lighter outfits.

Function of the outfit

A trend in jewelry also depends on the reason that people are wearing certain outfits. If they are wearing a ball gown, for a special event, they might not want to wear friendship bracelets because they won’t go with the outfit. In the case of a ball gown, people are more likely to wear pearls.

If you are wondering what the trends are for this season, then this is the article for you. The aim of this article is to give you an insight into what jewelry items will look better for the summer.

Cultured Jewelry

In the summer season, people are more interested in wearing jewelry that might have been hand made in different countries. This is because the items are colourful and extremely light.

If you are in the heat, the last thing you want is a chunky, gold bangle on your wrist that is heavy and will stick to your hot skin. So, lighter is better.

Another reason for handmade jewelry is that they are durable. For example, if you want to go swimming, you might find that the seawater will damage some more expensive items. But, with handmade items that might be made of cotton, or leather, you can do what you want in them and they won’t get damaged.


Stacking jewelry is a massive trend for this season, and another reason that handmade items are better. If you stack gold jewelry, then it might look a little too much. But, if you stack friendship bracelets with festival bracelets, then it is a more fashionable look.

This trend is one of the few trends that will cross over between genders. Stacked bracelets look awesome on men and women and most of the jewelry tends to be unisex.

However, if you notice that a bracelet is thinner or thicker, then these bracelets have been made with gender in mind, thinner for women and thicker for me. Unisex bracelets will be sized somewhere in the middle.


Stacking is a trend with necklaces but there are some rules. You can’t just buy 10 of the same chain and wear them all. You have to mix and match so that it looks good.

You should also aim to only stack 2 or 3 necklaces otherwise they will become too heavy and uncomfortable on your skin. A good look is to wear a handmade charm necklace with black rope and then wear a chain necklace with another charm on.

The trick is to wear necklaces of different sizes, so that the charms don’t hang on top of each other. Some people will wear a short rope necklace, and a longer chain, so that one charm hangs down to the middle of the shirt, making it a more featured item.

Be Unique

With jewelry, the main trend is to be unique, but to stay within the general idea. So, if it is fashionable to wear an indian gemstone ring, you could be unique with the colour of the ring.