Easy And Minimalist Makeup Beauty Routines For Everyone36
Easy And Minimalist Makeup Beauty Routines For Everyone36

41 Easy And Minimalist Makeup Beauty Routines For Everyone

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One of the best and most attractive ways to wear facial makeup is to wear it in a way that makes it look as if you have no makeup on at all. Essentially, less is much much more. The art of wearing makeup which looks like you are wearing none is often referred to as minimalist, nude, and sheer looks.

Here are some easy ways to help you look more natural even when you are wearing makeup.

The first thing you can do of course, it simply by “invisible” makeup products. These are cosmetics which are specifically designed to look as natural as possible on your skin. These often work very well to create a very fresh look on your face. In reality of course, the sheer cosmetics are actually helping to accent some of the best features you have.

Use a non-foundation to help get a smoother and more natural, younger look to the skin on your face. These foundations, or cosmetic bases, often natural skin tone very closely, and make you naturally look as if you have gorgeous porcelain skin.

Try using a light tinted moisturizer instead of a foundation. These lightly tinted moisturizers will help protect and hydrate your skin, while adding a very light natural touch of color as well. Like foundations these can also be worn under your makeup.

Use a clear lip gloss, or a nude and natural color of lipstick which simply produces a bit of sheen on your lips. Nicklaus can be used alone, but you might try adding it on top of a light or neutral shade of lipstick too. If you’re lipstick appears to be purely fair, or is hardly even noticeable, then you have reached your natural looking goal.

Other types of invisible make up products and cosmetics are available for all your needs. You’ll find there are invisible eyeshadows, tints which can be used on your lips, light-colored eyebrow pencils, natural looking blushes, and many other wonderful products.

You don’t have to buy special cosmetics and makeup in order to achieve the same look so. All you have to do is choose cosmetic colors which closely match your skin tone. For the eyeshadow for instance, you would simply use a color that shades your eyes slightly.

Choose two to three eyeshadow colors which closely match the skin tone of your own eyeshades. Then put the medium color on your eyelid, put the darker color in the crease of your eye to help enhance the shadows, and put the lighter color under your eyebrow.

The same technique can be used with your blush. Choose to shades which closely match the skin color around the cheekbone area of your face. Put the lighter color of blush on the cheekbone itself, and put a slightly darker color under the cheekbones leading back towards the ears. This will help accent the slight shadow under your cheekbone, and make your face look thinner naturally.