Cool Cropped Sweater Design Ideas For This Spring34
Cool Cropped Sweater Design Ideas For This Spring34

44 Cool Cropped Sweater Design Ideas For This Spring

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You can be very sexy with that wrap sweater on you, granting you wear it properly. It looks great with jeans, pants skirts or any kinds of dress that you can think of. They are flexible enough and you can always show them off on formal events or just anywhere casually.

A lot of women really enjoyed this piece of outfit as it offered a satisfying fit for every body type since these attractive sweaters can easily adjust in the waist. Wearing it with style simply means finding the best way to wrap it around your body and adjusting it perfectly, putting on the right accessories, and then pair them with your desired bottom.

You can start by planning. Picture yourself with the complete outfit by choosing the garments that will look great with your sweater. Try using jeans, skirts or a dress. Then select a tank top that will fit nicely with that sweater and the other garments.

Having registered all of these in your head, you can now put on the garments followed by the followed by the sweater. When you do so, put it on exactly as you would in a cardigan. The front portion will be open until wrapped. Enclose the sweater on the inside first. There are different varieties as to how you can tie your sweater, each giving you different eye-catching looks.

• The front tie technique. There are some women who prefer the idea of a cropped sweater look. Cropped sweaters can give you the best effects with its separates that will elongate your body giving you that attractive look. It is best paired with a long top that embraces the body over jeans and flowing skirts. With this, you tie both sides of your sweater located just under the bust.

The fashion in this technique calls you to clutch your sweater’s left side with your left hand and your right hand also doing the same to the right portion of the sweater. Then let that right side slide over to the left. The sweater can be secured in place by tying a simple knot just right below the middle of the bust area. Having that accomplished, you can now lift that left portion and carefully fall it under your sweater’s overlapped layers.

• The back tie technique. Simply put, you can not only tie the sweater at the front, you also have the option of tying at the back. With this method, you will have the advantage of having more coverage which is very much ideal when going out on a cold weather. This technique is simple. All you need to do is overlap both sides of the sweater in the front and have them circle around your body at the back and tie it securely in place.

• If you prefer not to have a knot at your back, then you have another option of tying it at either side. The side tie technique offers fine coverage; simply overlap both of the sides at the front and have one of them circle around while tying it with the other at either side.

There you have it. You can now experiment with different styles, thanks to the versatility of the wrap sweater. Add one to your wardrobe today for flexibility and wear it with total confidence.