Best Way To Wear Leather In The Summer07
Best Way To Wear Leather In The Summer07

40 Best Way To Wear Leather In The Summer

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Open your window. You’d be greeted by plenty of blinding sunshine! It’s time to welcome the glorious season of summer in all its vitality and power. It’s also time to combat that glorious sunshine with plenty of suntan lotion and a great wardrobe. Your wardrobe will be filled with cottons and denims.

Here’s another fabric for you to consider – leather! Yes you read right – leather! Stop falling into the same old stereotypes and dressing up the way every other person on the street is dressing up. It’s time to create your own brand, your own style statement and your very own wardrobe. It’s time to experiments with the hottest summer leather trends. Boys and girls, men and women prepare yourself for a whole new transformation and loads and loads of compliments!

• Leather shorts:
Denim cutoffs and short cotton shorts are all old school. Display your long gorgeous legs or your strong muscled feet in a pair of rather delicious and fantastic leather shorts. Men should choose something that would compliment the season and still resonate sinewy strength.

A gorgeous brown shade of leather shorts would suit the season wonderfully while simultaneously blending with the need of the hour.Pick out simple cotton tee shirts to match those leather shorts for the best look. Women have a lot more choice when it comes to leather shorts in terms of lengths, colors and styles.

You could go ultra short or choose something knee length. You could pick out something tight or loose. A pair of white leather shorts would look utterly stunning. Not to take away from red of course to match the fiery passion of the sun!

• Leather skirts:
Summer is just an excuse for women to experiment with their skirts. Leather skirts undoubtedly rule the roost. They look good, they smell good and they complement women of all shapes and sizes rather marvelously.

You could choose from funky A line skirts for the day to more fitting ones for those balmy evenings. Some women might like their skirts with some pretty metallic embellishments which also look gorgeous.

• Leather dresses:
I strongly recommend leather dresses for those summer nights. Beware though; donning one would just make the season a lot more steamier. A woman in a leather dress is simply irresistible. Select a nice bright colored leather dress or you could stick with the traditional black. Remember to always choose something that complements your body type.

• Leather vests:
These are excellent summer additions to both men and women’s formal and casual wear. A leather vest looks fantastic on both denims and in the work place. They are guaranteed to keep you looking cool, calm and composed.

Leather vests are delicious additions to make to your bare skin as well. For those gutsy men and women, you could wear a beautiful leather vest over denims or shorts and receive quite a few envious glances.

Always remember to stay safe and protected against the sun. Drink lots of water and lather on plenty of sun tan!