Beautiful Boho Chic Outfits Ideas To Try This Summer09
Beautiful Boho Chic Outfits Ideas To Try This Summer09

46 Beautiful Boho Chic Outfits Ideas to Try This Summer

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New season and new fashion trends!

Finally, the weather is getting warmer and the shops are full of new colorful clothing and shoes. After a day of shopping in Florence one can see the trends of the year.One of the hottest trends summere new boho.Bohemian style is called boho for short and have many origins and definitions. But in our case it mean open minded, artistic life-style.

Today’s Boho chic look is gazing back at late 1960’s to early 1970’s flower-power fashion. It’s also taking inspiration from 1960s fashion icon Talitha Getty, whose free-spirit, rich-hippie life style is now so trendy.We can also find inspiration from the African deserts and the south-American traditional textiles.

What to wear:

This years boho-hippie look is about working with transparent materials with many layers, a perfect look could be – tunic, vest, long skirt, a wide belt on the waist and on the feet we will find gladiator leather flat sandals or a wooden wedge sandal.

An alternative to the long skirts and dresses are the wide, high waist jeans which are making a big come back this year. Choose a stone washed pair and wear it with a tunic or a loose t-shirt and a pair of flat sandals, like flip-flops.

Don’t forget about the most important thing, accessories! As many big wooden bangles your wrists can carry on.

How to wear:

Choose earthy colors like rust-red, mustard-yellow, moss-green, brown and a touch of turquoise. Use patterns, big and small flowers with stripes and dots!

The new boho is a trend full of details. Decorations like beads, woven items, fringes and flounces that are used in jewelry and to decorate purses, belts and shoes etc. The accessories take a lot of space they are big, colorful and very worked trough, every detail has a meaning for the outfit.

Leather and suede are also important elements for the ethno-chic look. A brown jacket or vest in suede goes very well with the style. The shoes and belts should be braided or made by aged leather with brass buckles.

The Shoes:

On the shoe front this year we have three very important models; one are the peep-toe models which is making a big come-back this year. They fit very good with the boho-style you can wear them bare feet or combine them with the layered style and wear them with a pair of colorful knee stockings.

The second is the wedge that gives every short or tall person the chance to carry up a long skirt or dress better. Use wedges with canvas, leather and raffia or wooden heels and you will get the right look.

The third shoe model that is a “must” for the new boho look is the gladiator sandal. A big hit this summer! It gives a cool contrast with the flowing boho fashion. With a simple white tunic and a pair of leggings the gladiator sandals are an excellent choice.

The final touch:

The make-up is simple, just some mascara if you want. Crazy curls, parting on the middle and a braided hair-tie will do the hair style!