Awesome Layering Plus Size Sweaters Outfit Ideas08
Awesome Layering Plus Size Sweaters Outfit Ideas08

44 Awesome Layering Plus Size Sweaters Outfit Ideas

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Whatever type of sweater you’re looking for the choice can sometimes be hard when you’re a plus size. A plus size is generally described as anything over a dress size 12. You want to look stylish without compromise and get a sweater to suit your shape.

A sweater is a great item of clothing when the weather turns colder. They are easy to layer so can help in keeping you warm and can be bought in a wide variety of materials from thin cotton to heavier wool.

With so much choice available it’s easy to find a sweater made from the right material but you do need to consider your overall shape.

Essentially there are two types of body shape to consider. Some women are pear shaped with a smaller upper body and waist than their backside and legs. It’s best to choose a sweater that ends around your hip bone with this type of body shape as the sweater will naturally divide your body in two.

You should also consider selecting a v-neck sweater as the shape will draw eye contact naturally towards your neck and face.

The other type of body shape for plus size women is the apple shape where the majority of body weight is around the middle section and abdomen. If this is your body shape choose a v-neck or cardigan and accessorize with a casual blouse or shirt as it will emphasize your neck and bust.

Stay away from polo neck sweaters or turtle neck sweaters as they will tend to make you look shorter than you actually are. Quite often a good sweater for this body shape is one that ends slightly lower than the waist naturally around the backside and hips.