Best Men Bomber Jacket Outfits Ideas37
Best Men Bomber Jacket Outfits Ideas37

43 Best Men Bomber Jacket Outfits Ideas

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There has always been a lot of debate about whether a mens bomber jacket should be black or brown. The purists will argue that it should definitely be brown, while fashion setters will say that the color needs to match the trends of the season.

The vintage mens bomber jacket is of course a result of the great Wars, when bomber pilots were sent up in the air to fight in open planes, in altitudes where it was icy cold and they needed protection from the elements. If you look at photographs of the original jackets issued to the many air force and navy pilots in both Britain and the USA, you will see that these jackets were always brown.

You can tell this even if the photograph is black and white, because of the density of the color. The later shearling jackets were also brown.

Of course today bomber jackets are manufactured in various different colors, the most popular being brown and black. Red is also quite a popular color. While authenticity clearly relies on a fashion style following the features of the vintage item, the question is really whether you need your mens bomber jacket to be authentic at all, particularly in terms of color.

A large number of fashion designers from various parts of the world have created designs that are clearly based on the vintage style, but with contemporary differences that place them happily on the runways along with other stylish outfits. Surprisingly perhaps, many of these designers, some of whom rate amongst the most popular in the world, redesign these jackets over and over again.

Each time a new collection is released, you’ll find yet another version from the same label. Many of them also don’t limit themselves to brown and black either, but rather explore the color choices in a much more adventurous way.

So as much as brown is authentic – and it needs to be a chocolate brown rather than a russet brown to be authentic – black is quite acceptable, whether used for a vintage style or a high fashion look.