Best Fashion Forward Summer Outfits To Inspire You36
Best Fashion Forward Summer Outfits To Inspire You36

38 Best Fashion Forward Summer Outfits To Inspire You

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Gone are winters now and gone with it the bulky clothing and dry skin and messy mufflers and caps. Spring is the ultimate time to get trendy and have fun with the new fashion trends. so brighten up your closet and make yourself glow in vibrant colours. Few tips for this season to help you set your own trend:

1. Bright Colours:

Summer is a season of colours. While most people prefer cool or pastel shades in this season, no one can escape the neons which have been added to the summer staples list as a carry forward from 2012. Somewhere between the delicate pastels and the bold neons, lies the bright and happy shades of lemon yellow, cobalt blue, fuchsia pink and emerald green that are perfect for our summer.These shades are not as bold as neon nor are they as soft as pastels, but bright enough to help you make a style statement without making you feel conscious about it.

2. Coloured Bottoms:

Bring back your carefree self and refresh your day out with coloured bottoms and floral tops. Notice your sweet 16 effect coming back your way all over again with this new look styled up with a top knot pony.

3. Floral Tops:

Think summers and the soothing image that comes to your mind is bright and colourful flowers. So, your fashion statement should be no different. Be it denims, shorts, Bermudas or skirts, floral print tops are the best companion for any fashion chic. Get the most out of it with a dark tone lip shade and vibrant nail colour and let your lips do the talking!

4. Sheer fabric:

Why I love this is because it looks damn elegant and jazzy. It is neither too young and arrogant nor too professional and snobby. A sheer fabric garment if worn well and carried off right can make you the diva in a second. It lets you be sexy without showing off much skin! Available in vibrant colours, these stylish tops add life to the boring blacks and blues.

5. Scarves to complement you the best:

Twist up your new look and add some stylish and cool scarves to your collection that lend elegance even to the simplest of outfits. Random prints are the most talked about in town. Complete your look with a pair of designer sunglasses.

6. Aviators and Wayfarers are the new trend:

If you talk about choosing the right sunglasses this summer, pick nothing but aviators or wayfarers for that girl next door look.Whatever goes out comes back with a bang. And that’s true of aviators too, say a signature type by Ray Ban. A staple with most brands, the best ones to choose from are Oakley, Idee, Opium, Park Avenue.

7. To achieve the instant ethnic look

To achieve the instant ethnic look, throw an accessories to any of your outfit of the day – be it printed headscarf, Indian drop earrings or jeweled headband – and voila.

8. The Carte Blanche look

Summer times call for cool looks, and nothing can drop the temperature while setting fire to the rain as a pure white or cream ensemble. It could be a bottom frilled white dress till your knees or a long flowing one or a triangular cut dress.

9. Neckpieces

Statement neckpieces are something that will take some time to go out of vogue. Just team them with something plain and you are good to go.

10. Ballerinas to bring out your casual best:

To complement all that is mentioned above, all you need is a pair of ballerinas that bring out the peppy you.