Must Have Great Fall Outfits For September28
Must Have Great Fall Outfits For September28

44 Must Have Great Fall Outfits For September

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Seasons come and seasons go but there is something so brilliant about autumn that it leaves us holding onto the very last day. Vogue once said, “September is the January in Fashion.” I love this quote because it illustrates that fall is the beginning of something new. It’s a time not only to refresh our wardrobes but it’s also a time to renew and refocus our resolutions, to achieve our goals and, of course, to clean out our closets.

Each fall is better than the last. We’re a little wiser, a little more cultured and a little more ready to invest in some yummy staples for our wardrobes. As we enter into this season with bliss, let’s examine a few new trends that are catching our eye.

1. Cozy Cable Sweaters. What’s nicer than sliding into a warm cozy sweater, a pair of jeans and knee high boots? (I’m not talking about the quintessential oversized sweater that Grandma knit – the one you wear when you have the sniffles and when you’re sipping on chicken noodle soup.) Remember, this outfit should be accompanied by a great bracelet, hat and handbag! This look should be your Sunday afternoon look for this autumn season.

2. Coat Cape. Back on the trendsetter list this fall is the coat cape – and what a luxurious look! Pair it with a dress pant, jeans or a pencil skirt and tights. Wear it when spending a day shopping with the girls. You are sure to be the belle of the mall. If you love the English countryside look, pop over to Debut to view their gorgeous cape by Blackie.

3. Mad Men. Do you love that 1960s classic look of feminine detail? Graciously welcome back the roll necks, peplum silhouettes, voluminous skirts, polka dots and conservatively sexy styles.

4. Coloured Pants. Have fun with your trousers this season and start wearing them in every colour under the sun.

5. Fur Trims. Line your cardigans, blazers, gloves and coats with fur trim this season. This will add an element of luxury to any look.

What’s the Goss?
Do you want to look like a movie star and feel like you were styled by a stylist? Start layering your clothes. This will add a new element of interest to your ensemble and leave you feeling oh so glamorous!

With the cool weather setting in, start experimenting. Do remember – when layering, don’t overdo it! Stick with one dominant piece (loud pattern or embellishment) and keep the rest basic.