Favored Trends For You This Summer18
Favored Trends For You This Summer18

46 Favored Trends For You This Summer

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Now that the warm weather has arrived, it is time to pack away those turtlenecks and say hello to short floaty skirts. That’s right, summer is officially here and indie chic clothing is the top trend for this summer in in women’s clothing. For those of you who don’t know indie chic is a fashion that draws on bohemian and hippie influences and has been popular since 2004.

This 60’s-inspired style revolves around a more earthy and natural look and has been made popular by Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen. The upcoming summer fashion trends include: high-waisted shorts, crop tops, statement necklaces, floral prints, and so much more.

Below are 5 indie chic trends for the summer season:

1.) Mismatched Prints
Also known as power clashing consists of a mixture of colorful, tie-dye, or floral patterns. You can easily wear colorful patterned tops with either high-waisted shorts or floaty skirts. The trick to mastering the mismatched look is to make sure the sizes of the patterns are different so that the clashing looks intentional.

2.) Ankle Strap Wedge Heels
While last summer season was all about the gladiator sandal, this season you should try bright colorful wedge heels. To stay on the indie chic trend, go with a fuchsia print wedge, which will go great with a pair of cut-off shorts and an off-the-shoulder top.

3.) Floppy Hats
The floppy hat may look like an Easter Bonnet, but nowadays indie online stores offer a wide selection of floppy hats. That will have you looking more run way ready. This new trend will also help protect your skin from the sun’s harmful rays.

4.) Accessories
In women’s clothing the indie chic trend is all about accessorizing your everyday outfit. You can mix-and-match with colorful anklets, bracelets, and necklaces. You can try wearing dangly earrings which you can pair with a colorful headband. The key to success is to make sure your accessories are a noticeable part of your wardrobe.

5.) Make-up
The key to wearing make-up if you are trying to master the indie chic trend is to look very natural, which is perfect for the warm summer months ahead. A few make-up trends you can try are a skin primer, tinted moisturizer, and a creamy blush.

These are just a few indie fashion trends to try this summer. What is great about this fashion trend is that you can bring out your own individuality. Indie is defined as independent and implies an element of your own personality. This means the possibilities are endless when it comes to indie fashion this summer.