Amazing Spring Outfits To Wear Now31
Amazing Spring Outfits To Wear Now31

43 Amazing Spring Outfits To Wear Now

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Cashmere cardigans are perfect for keeping you warm in the cold winter months, but what happens to them during the warmer months. Usually they’re stored away for safe keeping until the weather turns again, but this doesn’t always have to be the case.

The characteristics of cashmere means that it’s the perfect fibre to wear when it’s cold. Its light in weight, soft, luxurious, and keeps in any warmth. You only have to look where the fibre originates from to see where it gets these qualities. Mongolian goats grow this soft fibre as an undercoat to help insulate them during their winter months, but their winters are far harsher than ours.

With blizzards and icy winds, the temperatures can drop as low as minus 15, and down to minus 40 at night. This is cold, and anything unprepared for these conditions will struggle to survive.

The qualities of this fibre, when woven into cashmere cardigans, are then passed to the wearer, keeping them warm throughout winter. And because of this quality, many people neglect their cashmere in the spring and summer months. But not all cashmere cardigans should be packed away and stored until the next cold season starts. Some pieces make great layering pieces.

Obviously you won’t be able to wear the larger, thicker, fluffier jumpers that you usually snuggle down in on frosty evenings, but those lighter cashmere cardigans are great for fighting off spring and summer evening freshness. Imagine yourself out on a sunny spring/summer day wearing a strappy camisole top or a small t-shirt, and then when the evening draws in, the warm temperature you’ve been enjoying drops. You’re going to need a layer to keep you warm.

What some people don’t realise is that cashmere has other qualities as opposed to just keeping you warm in winter. It can also prevent you from over-heating in the warmer temperatures. This quality makes those little cropped cashmere cardigans or those long line cardigans perfect for wearing as a layer. And you get them in different designs and colours that can help complement your outfit.

Whether you’re wearing a pair of jeans – cut off or full length, skinny, straight, or flared – with a t-shirt, a skirt and a blouse, or even a pretty summer dress in an elaborate and colourful print, you can always be assured that there’s a cashmere cardigan out there for you.

So don’t jump at the chance to pack your cashmere cardigans away for the spring and summer months. Have a think first. They may do you just as proud now as they did in the winter months.