Best Ways To Wear Dress Job Interview18
Best Ways To Wear Dress Job Interview18

40 Best Ways to Wear Dress Job Interview

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Lets be Honest, Looks count and looking good for a job interview is no different. First impressions are hard to forget and knowing how to dress will help you pave the way for your new career.

Dress for Success Interview Tips

The best advice anybody can give you is that you should dress one or two levels better than the job you’re gunning for. Obviously you won’t be able to dress better than an executive or CEO if you going for those positions but you get the point.

By dressing better than the position you have applied for you imprint a good impression of yourself to the employer and shows respect to the company and hiring manager. Not being presentable can automatically draw questions of you being lazy or a sloppy worker.

  • For management or professional positions. A suit, tie, and dress shoes is smart for men. A formal pant suit is suitable for women because you don’t have to worry about proper dress length or whether to wear stockings or not. In this situation, you should keep jewelry to the bare minimum and wear shoes with basic heels.
  • For clerical or trade positions. Men should wear dress pants or Dockers with a nice long sleeve shirt with collar, dress shoes and an optional tie. Women should dress casual or with a dressy pants, blouse or sweater.

One of the biggest rules is to never wear jeans to an interview, regardless of the job. It doesn’t matter if they look good or were expensive, many times a hiring manager will get the assumption of you that you are not serious about the job or interview. Important to know.

A good tip for everyone is to wear normal or conservative colors. Don’t wear colors that are too loud, unusual, bright, questionable, or unattractive. By dressing conservative you are giving yourself a chance to tell the interviewer your skills and/or qualifications.

In Summary

As a final tip, dress conservative and look neat. Don’t give the interviewer a chance to distract him from your skills and expertise, by doing so you should have a great chance of getting either another interview or landing the job.

Best of luck and God bless!