Awesome Eye Catching Nail Trends 201834
Awesome Eye Catching Nail Trends 201834

42 Awesome Eye Catching Nail Trends 2018

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Artificial glue-on nails is not just a way to get a quick salon-done manicure at a fraction of the price, but is actually becoming one of the fashion statements of today. Now an ultimate necessity for many women, anyone can have not just clean and pretty, but eye-catching nails if that is what you choose.

Women have been using fake nails as early as when they came out in the market. That time, simple polished glue-ons were common and the French tip designs were the most extreme women can go. Not to mention how those nails used to look so unnatural with the cheap-looking nail paints and poor quality materials used which leaves them half-hanging on women’s fingertips. Not quite a way to enjoy this trend.

With Revlon’s revolutionary ideas and unending pursuit for the most quality beauty products, artificial glue-on nails of today is the definite answer for women to have the most natural, beautiful and creative nails of excellent quality.

The fresh look and how well these glue ons are shaped shows how each piece is brilliantly crafted to give women exactly what they need. Made available in different lines of glue-on collections, each with its unique characters and features to meet varying needs of women, Revlon’s wide selection is the most practical and reliable solution for all the nail problems and for the vanity every woman keeps within her.

The latest craze is on the glamorous designs of the Runway Collection which features celebrity-inspired manicure styles and patterns. These glue-ons adds a touch of luxury on any fingertips and allow women a feel of the same sophistication embodied by stars in the red carpets and runways. As every woman carries a different style, Revlon offers other options like the Color Allure, Naturally Chic, Nail Stay, Fit & Pretty and Perfect Pedicure.

Enjoy utmost durability and never have to worry about breaking those nails, or worse, having them fall off in the middle of an important event.