Gorgeous Modest Summer Outfits Ideas04
Gorgeous Modest Summer Outfits Ideas04

38 Gorgeous Modest Summer Outfits Ideas

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Finding modest petite fashion can be hard especially in the spring and summer. Very few retailers stock petite lines. But it is getting better as more retailers are becoming aware. Looking on the internet is another option.

In the past season we have seen many trends such as black and white, metallics and deep colours such as deep purples. Some of these trends are probably set to stay for some time. Here we will discuss how you can also wear these trends modestly.

Black and White – It is always wise to hang on to that modest long black skirt and the white modest shirt. These are classic pieces. A lot of the black and white styles seen on the runway this year have been bold black and white combinations and patterns.

With a petite figure you have to consider your body shape when choosing a black and white outfit. If you are a pear shape, where you are small on the top half and larger on the bottom, wear a black skirt or trouser on the bottom half.

Wear the white on your top half. This will give you a slimming effect on your bottom half and draw the attention on the top half. If you are an apple shape, where you are bigger on the top and slimmer at the bottom, wear the black and white combination the opposite way.

A white skirt or trouser on the bottom half and a black shirt or black and white combination shirt on the top. This will give you the appearance of a more even body shape.

Metallics – Golds and silver metallics tend to be the most popular metallics to wear, but different metallic hues are popping up. These colours are fun and elegant to wear. But those who are petite must be careful not to overdo this trend. Metallics can look overwhelming on a petite figure. It is better if petite frames stick to these colours in their accessories such as handbags and shoes.