Best Ideas For Summer Dress Shirts13
Best Ideas For Summer Dress Shirts13

39 Best Ideas For Summer Dress Shirts

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A dress shirt, also called a button-front shirt is a shirt with a collar, long sleeves with cuffs and an opening on its front from the collar to the hem, which is fastened using buttons. The cuffs are usually fastened with cuff links or buttons. These shirts are typically worn by men, since women usually wear blouses.

Dress shirts are usually made of woven materials such as linen, cotton, silk or wool. However, nowadays they are also made of polyester or polyester blends too as they are inexpensive, although they are less soft and less breathable compared to other materials. Most white dress shirts are made of cotton, but linen dress shirts are cooler to wear so it is usually used to make summer shirts.

Depending on preference, some men like wearing silk, but some do not because silk shirts tend to reflect light and look shiny. They are made in various colors, such as pastel and dark colors. However, the most common dress shirt color is white.

A white dress shirt is typically worn with a jacket and a tie. It can also be worn with a suit or a tuxedo for more formal evening attire. For a formal look, white shirts should be worn tucked in, accompanied with a necktie or even a bow tie. Depending on how formal the occasion is, the tie can be plain or patterned. Plain black ties should be worn if the event requires formal dress code. A jacket or a tuxedo may be necessary, also depending on the dress code for the event.

Certain dress codes, such as a black tie event would only allow black jackets or tuxedos. In a rare occasion, midnight blue jackets or tuxedos can also be seen worn to a black tie event. Cuff links are essential for such formal events, to be worn with the white shirt. For work and meetings, it can be worn on its own or with a jacket and a tie.

However, the tie can be plain or patterned. If it is worn with a suit, it should also be worn with cuff links. Belts are also worn to complete the formal look. Even though white shirts are usually worn as formal wear, more and more men are beginning to wear white dress shirts as casual wear. Casually, a white shirt can be worn tucked in or pulled out. Typically worn untucked in a casual occasion, it can be worn with the sleeves folded or rolled up. They are usually worn without a tie.

White mens dress shirts also look great with blue jeans or khaki pants, with the top button unfastened for a more relaxed or casual look. White dress shirts can be worn to almost every occasion. Whether it is a formal, semi-formal, smart casual, business casual or casual event, it will make its wearer look excellent and well presented.

However, this will only work provided it is matched with the right attire and suits the event dress code. It can be worn to formal events, including ballroom weddings, church weddings, job interviews, office meetings, seminars, conventions, luncheons, dinner parties, cocktail parties and men’s club meetings. White men’s dress shirts can also be worn casually to occasions such as family gatherings, outdoor or garden weddings, and even to dinner dates.