48 Adorable Rockabilly Style Mens Ideas

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This is a style of dressing that emerged in the 40s and 50s. It was inspired by the Rock and Roll and the hilly-billy musicians of that era. This style is resurfacing again as people are looking to try unique dressing styles.

Rockabilly dressing for men:


Dark jeans that are slim cut but not skinny. Jeans can be worn with white T-shirts with their sleeves rolled up and tucked into the jeans. Jeans should be a little longer than the required length so that they can be rolled up. The jeans can also be complemented with western shirts or office shirts. For occasions, that require a suit, a slim fit suit gives the rockabilly look. The collar should be narrow and the waistline high. Jackets enhance the Rockabilly look.


The shoes for this look are ‘creepers.’ These are basically thick-soled platform shoes. These especially complement the look when worn with bright colored shirts or shirts with bold prints.


Large rimmed sunglasses. Slim ties etc.

Hairstyle for this look:

Shorn on the sides and back and long enough in the front so that it can be combed forwards or backward. This type of hairstyle is known as the Pompadour style.

Rockabilly dressing for women:


The ideal top would be a halter neck or a dress that ties at the neck or has thick straps. High waisted pencil skirts or ankle length trousers worn with menswear type of shirts with rolled up sleeves are the easiest way of creating the Rockabilly style. When one intends to dance, flowing or wrap skirts are ideal.


Stiletto heels are the apt footwear for this look. Choice of colors for footwear of Rockabilly styles are red and black.

Accessories for this look:

Tattoo inspired necklaces, leopard print or houndstooth handbags. Large flower like a rose that matches the outfit.


This is a very important aspect of the Rockabilly look. Foundation must be applied to even out the skin tone. Blush must be applied in a subtle manner. Eye make-up for this look is a little heavy. The lipstick color that enhances this look is red.


Women have a variety of hairstyles to choose from. Women generally color their hair in bright hues. Some of the popular retro hairstyles are Bettie Bangs, victoria rolls, old Hollywood pin curls or Pompadour hairstyle.

To further complement, this look piercings, and tattoos can be done by both men and women. All in all, with variations in the clothing, hairdo, accessories, and footwear a number of Rockabilly looks can be created.